Saturday, September 14, 2013

Still counting my gifts. . .I'm a long way away.

64.  True friends. And, the revealing of who they are.
65.  M's kisses.
66.  L's genuineness (is that a word?)
67.  My eyesight
68.  My love, My best friend. His 43 years.
69.  For the truth of the Word.
70.  My bed.
71.  My home.
72.  A cozy couch.
73.  A sunshine day with cool breezes.
74.  My warm, cozy sweatpants.
75.  Joy that comes in the morning.

Grateful for my Father above, the giver of EVERY good & perfect gift. He loves me more than I love my own children, and that is something I can "kind of" grasp.