Thursday, November 17, 2016

Compassion. Can you give it?

"Everyone needs compassion. A love that's never failing. Let mercy fall on me."
And my favorite line, "Everyone needs forgiveness. The kindness of a Savior."
(Song: Mighty to Save. Artist: Hillsong)

There are so many things on my heart, so many I could say right now.
I do feel an urgency. An urgency for true followers of Christ to rise. To show compassion.
Before we lose the lost world to the louder voices. 

What would Jesus want from us?
If they need the kindness of  a Savior, and we are an extension of Christ--then, we should BE the kindness.
Have you been kind? Have I been kind?

Everyone needs compassion.
Your neighbor needs compassion.
Your boss needs compassion.
Your spouse needs compassion.
Your political right friend needs compassion. As does your political left.
Hillary Clinton needs compassion.
Donald Trump needs compassion.
Those who hate you need compassion.
People of color need compassion.
Racists need compassion. (and, no, I don't support racism at all. but only love wins.)
Police officers need compassion.
The McDonald's worker needs compassion.
NONE need more compassion than the other.
If we are giving compassion out freely, there would be no condemnation between us.

You get the idea. "Fill in the blank" needs compassion. Where do you stand?
Do those you have put in the blank feel compassion?

Have our actions this past month made people want what we have (the Spirit) or made them run as far away as possible? Heaven help us if it's the latter.

I am writing to myself.
I am writing to you if you claim to follow Christ.
Could we agree to show more compassion?

Could we get off our phones at check out, the drive thru, and in our homes and genuinely look at the person across from us and show compassion? Smile and show we care. Ask how someone is doing. Pray for the broken-hearted whether we know them or not?

Could we go out of our way to reassure those who are fearful right now?
Go out of the way to show compassion?
Whether or not you understand their fear isn't the issue.
Their fear is real and, honestly, once we take the time to understand those different from us we will realize they have a reason to fear.

Could we take time to hear the other side?
I can be compassionate. I can demonstrate mercy and still know what I believe to be true.

I wonder if any of us really want to live in Heaven?
Because at that time, we will have to live together in harmony. Yes, the Prince of Peace will be in front of us. But, He's left us POWER for now. The Holy Spirit. Jesus was on earth and yet LEFT so that the Spirit could come. Christian, grab that power. We are not left without hope. We are not left without a love that should be exploding around us.
Hold onto your truth. Teach when you should teach.
But wake up--without love you are a noisy gong.
Love. Show Mercy. Show Compassion. Take a Sabbath rest to remind yourself of what you were rescued from, then show the same forgiveness given you and give it to others.

Let's do this together. Compassion. Can you give it?

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