Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1,000 is a long way off!
But, I will continue to count my gifts!

23. The beginning signs of spring
24. Good friends in the workplace. . .those who can be trusted!!
25. Easy going friendships. . .those friends that are always there. . .a 2-way relationship
26. Playgrounds!
27. Food that reminds you of childhood

Father above, Praise You for loving me! For being all powerful, yet all personal!
You are the One True God! There is none like You!
You are relational! You sacrificed for mankind!
All other gods just demand from mankind!
NOT You!
Thank You Jesus for be self-less despite my selfishness!
For being Faithful despite my faithlessness!
For marking on my forehead, "Holy to the Lord"!
The only holiness I possess is by you adorning me with Yours!
Love you!

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