Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new beginning

We have started something new in our household . . .the long anticipated adoption! Our journey begins in the states and will end in Haiti! Your prayers are much appreciated!

But as we wait, my journey in acknowledgement of His gifts, no matter how small, continues.
Today, I most thankful for. . .

34. The gift of my daughter, M's, face when she realizes that I'm watching her dance. A grin gets bigger, and her face says, "Look at me! Look at me! My mommy is watching!". Not sure how long this will last, but I will cherish it while it's here!

35. Christian people in the business of adoption. It makes the process so much sweeter.

36. Maybe I'm cheating, but I'm so grateful for sunshine days, clear blue skies, and spring in the air.

I've been listening to a fictional book and have been focused on the Old Testament tabernacle in study this year, and it's made me think about day to day more deeply. When God gave plans for the tabernacle, He said that it was a shadow of the heavenly tabernacle. So, now I've started dwelling on all the things He's put on this earth to remind us of Him or to teach us about the "process" of life. Spring, of course, signaling new beginnings. . .dead things come to life. Ugliness dissipates into Beauty! I think He's trying to give us hints by saying, "Look, you don't see it all. I do! I'm trying to give you glimmers through your foggy glasses!" He's a romantic and is constanting wooing us with his sunrises, gentle breezes, cool living creatures that bring color to our world! He chases us down and speaks in the stillness. What a foothold Satan has on us when there is never any stillness. . .when we don't leave our texts/calls unanswered, when we won't turn the TV off, when we don't leave the computer screen. . .all so we can Hear Him! It's a loud, noisy world. . .let's pray for some quiet today! Let Him woo us with His voice of love to us! For there is nothing on this earth that He doesn't do better. . .His music will be better, His colors more vibrant, His light lighter than anything we have seen, His food tastier than the finest meal, and His love more extravagent and romantic than any earthly relationship!! Can't wait for THE day!

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