Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Season to Remember

Remembering the gift is SO easy during the Passover season. Although I've been away a few weeks, I have tried to remain grateful each day.

31. Thankful for the gift of God's consistency! I love His Word! I love that all things He planned were to point to His Son. . .that He even used small details to show his thoroughness. Just one of those examples is matzo bread used during the Passover meal. . .it's pierced and striped as Isaiah said that our Savior would be and was fulfilled in the New Testament. Simple bread pointing to Jesus, the bread sent from Heaven! Born in Bethlehem, or the House of Bread! Love it! God is so Good!

32. Gift of Christian adults in the lives of my children! There will be times (or many times) when they will not hear what we say, but they do hear the words of adults that they respect! Thank you Lord for that!

33. Sunny days with large, fluffy white clouds! Can't beat it!

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