Saturday, December 29, 2012

1,000 gifts. . .I'm only on 56!

56.  Gorgeous white snow that hasn't been trampled by man
57.  Children who love to giggle and are a little crazy at times
58.  God's instruction to care for the widow and orphan. I have been blessed the most by this new connection with our son's orphanage. Can't wait to meet the staff who have cared for my son.
59.  Christmas with family. It is my favorite time of year
60.  Electricity and heat! I am always cold and love when I can turn up the furnace or run really warm water
61.  Healthy children
62.  A husband who provides. . .a husband who doesn't mind shoveling snow (several days this week)
63.  College friends who remain close. They are a great joy to me!

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