Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I learned

In reviewing for Sunday School, I was reminded of an amazing lesson from Beth Moore through the James Bible study. This study has been "IN MY BUSINESS" and has been one of the most life-changing studies for my personal walk. This lesson was on Forgiveness, and who doesn't need to revisit that lesson daily? I know that I do!

In Matthew 27:50 (NASB): "Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and "yielded up" His Spirit". According to the study, the Greek word "aphiemi" means "to send forth" and is the same word used in the Lord's Prayer. In her teaching, Beth Moore explained that "forgiving" is "yielding up". Committing the betrayal to God. Not "giving up" but "giving it over". And, she reminded us that we yield out of wisdom from "above" not because of fear of someone or something on earth. We aren't to be bullied.

AMEN! Forgiveness is hard and yielding can be too, but I know in real life that when my car "yields" the right of way that I'm a WHOLE lot safer than when I "barge through". Same way with God: Yielding the right of way to Him is soooo much better and definitely safer!

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