Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's Gifts

76.  A clerk in Ha*ti ready to release the book
77.  Genuinely kind people
78.  Daughters
79.  Daughters, who after asking where a certain scripture is, remembers that its in Psalm 122
80.  Married people demonstrating it as intended in His word
81.  Fireplaces
82.  Dogs named Candy. . .
83.  Memories of childhood
84.  Underground house on a stormy night
85.  A house filled with windows on a sunny day
86.  Adoption world
87.  Teachers who get it
88.  Ethical people
89.  Being able to read
90.  My mom
91.  My dad
92.  My sister
93.  Grandparents: one of His most thoughtful gifts
94.  Redemption
95.  Salvation
96.  Grace as we need it
97.  Mercy
98.  Christian people really striving to live out Christ's commands
99.  Newly saved people wanting to figure it out
100.  Ha*tian boys with tear-stained cheeks and adults who are loving on him

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