Monday, October 31, 2011

Behind. . .Again

So, once again, I have neglected my duties! I will try to do better.

I am currently in a new Beth Moore study, A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place, so many of my posts will center around what I am learning from her. I hope you don't mind, but there is a lot of homework so I'm not doing a lot of "extra" stuff.

For tonight, this is simple. I call it a "Bethism", but I loved the phrase she used after talking about Adam and Eve in the garden. . .once they knew they were naked and were ashamed. It's not that they were ashamed of being naked but they were ashamed b/c of their sin. . and God had to "make a covering" for the shame like He did for us on the cross! The phrase she used was "The enemy says, 'cover up.' God says, 'I got you covered!'"

I hope in each moment that you realize, if you've accepted the gift of Jesus, that He's got you covered!

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