Monday, October 31, 2011

God Reminds Us

So, sometimes the lesson we learn from God is not always a comfortable one! But, I want to try to praise Him during the good and the bad.
When I was reading The Hiding Place a few weeks ago it struck me that anytime something horrible happened to the character that God would use it to remind her that He suffered in all things too. That He understood our sufferings. . .to an even greater degree. That He suffered more than we can imagine in our own worldly sufferings. That He knows how we feel.
He reminded me recently that He has felt all alone, rejected by those around Him, left by those who were supposed to be closest to Him. The Father even had to forsake Him on the cross.
Praise God that although we feel times of loneliness on this earth that we will never be fully alone. Even if others don't stand by, HE ALWAYS stands with us, carries us, befriends us, encourages us! I'm sooooooooooo grateful that He took on my suffering. . my loneliness! I love you Jesus!

Hebrews 13:5: He will never leave you or forsake you!!

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